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Terms and Conditions of Service - Privacy Statement

Latest Update: 3-Mar-2018

This document uses simple language to explain your obligations and rights, alongside privacy issues with regards to data stored in Rayo SMS. Simple, non-legal terms, language and short-length document is intentional. We want you to read it.

  1. You are not allowed to use Rayo SMS for illegal activities.
  2. You are not allowed to use Rayo SMS to impersonate someone that you are not. For that reason, when you use a mobile sender identifier, you need to confirm that you own this number. Moreover, if you use a non-mobile sender identifier, you are responsible in using brands and labels that you own and that you are allowed to use.
  3. You use Rayo SMS in order to send SMS to people that they have granted you the permission to do so. If you send them SMS without them having granted you that permission then you breach privacy laws and Rayo SMS will not be considered liable. You will be considered liable. We want to make it clear. Sending SMS to people that they have not asked for, it's illegal.
  4. When you sign in, you don't give any personal identifiable data. However, in order to be invoiced and pay you need to give your billing details. We use these details only for billing purposes. We don't process it in any other context. Moreover, the SMSs that you send out though Rayo SMS are never processed either, for any reason or purpose.
  5. Rayo SMS will never use any of the mobile numbers that you send SMS to. We don't give them out, although, we have been and we are asked to do so. This is illegal and we don't do it and will never do it. And now that you know it, don't ask us to give you the mobile numbers that we have in our database.
  6. Rayo SMS does not analyze or process your data. No. It is illegal and we will never do it.
  7. You own your data. Do you want them deleted? You only have to ask. We will delete them. Do you want them exported? Ask again. We will export them and send them to you.
  8. Your data cannot be accessed by anyone. Only Rayo SMS authorized staff can. They do it for troubleshooting purposes only. They have singed a Non-Disclosure Agreement with us and they know very well that they would breach the law if they processed your data.
  9. You can permanently hide the content of your SMS. Do you send sensitive information that you don't want to stay in our database? You can set up your settings so that when an SMS is sent out its content is permanently masked with ************************************************************ and, hence, permanently destroyed. Visit your Settings Page and switch on permanent masking.
  10. You need to know that in order for us to send SMS out we connect to a GSM SMSC Provider and we send the messages via their SMSC equipment. The SMSC provider that we connect to is an approved GSM provider and follows all the security and privacy rules that are required by European laws and GDPR.
  11. We fully support SSL/TLS. This means that your data travels encrypted and no one can eavesdrop.
  12. This platform runs since 2007. Has it ever been any breach or data leak? NEVER. The access to the system is based on username and password. We don't know the passwords of our users. They are one-way encrypted. This means that we cannot decrypt it and find out their value. Hence, it is your responsibility to keep your password secret. There is a way to recover or reset your password to a new value. Changing your password to a new value is your responsibility too.
  13. Our application uses the latest patches, both at the operating system level and at the application level. Every time an announcement is made about a security vulnerability, we update our libraries with latest patches, immediately.
  14. All of our data are currently stored in United States computers. This is where our database is.
  15. We only use the following cookies:
    • *_session : is used to hold data about the signed-in user. Without this one, the application cannot identify whether you are logged in or not. This is the only purpose we use this cookie for.
    • mp_* : are two cookies that we use in order to make sure we understand how the application is used by our users. For example, we can tell which features are used and which ones are useless to our users. We use this information to make sure we improve the user experience, by improving existing features or removing ones that are not used.
    • accept_cookies : is used to record the fact that you have accepted the usage of cookies by Rayo SMS. It expires after 3 months. Then, you will have to review and accept the terms again.

This document is a contract between you and Rayo SMS , hereby signed by our CEO Panagiotis Matsinopoulos